Our customer is a global leader in the development of personal computers. Recently, they have been developing rugged laptops for use in challenging environments, and a key added feature is the inclusion of a GPS receiver. The customer came to us with 3 rugged laptops to find out how their product performed, and how it stacked up against both their previous version and a key competitor product.


To get our customer the results they needed, and as quickly as possible, Spirent were able to utilise our proprietary test automation solution – PT TestBench – to run scientific iterations of pre-existing test suites.

The Spirent RED test suite is designed to test against adjacent band interference as stipulated by EU Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU). In order for electronic equipment to be sold within the EU it must be self-certified as compliant with the directive, and our test suite is designed to help customers verify their products.

In addition, our off-the-shelf Fundamental Audit Service is designed to provide all of the necessary performance indications that the customer required.


Because Spirent were able to offer off-the-shelf solutions, the cost to the customer was kept to a minimum, whilst the performed tests were still able to cover every aspect of their requirement. In addition, the use of PT TestBench meant that a truly scientific number of iterations could be performed in a short period of time with no possibility of input error.