Reliable, repeatable, controllable testing

When it comes to measuring and improving PNT system performance, you need an efficient, reliable, repeatable and controllable test method. Browse the resources below to learn how RF simulators, record & playback systems and test automation can help.

Testing Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Using Spirent systems and integrated third-party tools


Constructing a GPS/GNSS Test Plan

Download our guide for engineers integrating GPS/GNSS capabilities into new devices and learn how to construct a GNSS testing regime that suits your project.

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What is a GPS Simulator?

Lab testing with simulated GNSS signals is essential to bringing high-quality, location-aware products to market. Learn more about GPS/GNSS simulation.

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Future Trends in GPS/GNSS Record & Playback Testing

Field testing is a vital element of R&D for GNSS-dependent devices. This paper surveys the latest developments in GNSS record & playback for field testing.

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Introducing TestBench

Discover Spirent’s TestBench test automation tool, and get an overview of the key tests to perform on any GNSS-dependent device.

What else can we help with?

  • I’d like to understand which performance tests I should run – and how to run them.

  • I’d like help with testing different GPS/GNSS receivers to ensure I choose the right one.

  • I’d like to understand how resilient my PNT system is to interference, jamming and spoofing.

  • I’d like to explore ways to test faster and at lower cost, without sacrificing quality.

  • I’d like to bring real world GNSS signals into the lab for repeatable testing.

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