Faster, more efficient testing

Accelerating your PNT tests can have many benefits - from faster time to market to increased team productivity. Use the resources below to explore your options for lab-based simulation, test automation and outsourced test services.

What is a GPS Simulator?

Lab testing with simulated GNSS signals is essential to bringing high-quality, timing-and-location-aware products to market. Learn more about GPS / GNSS simulation.

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Fully-staffed test labs

Maximise efficiency and minimise costs by testing in our dedicated labs. Use the latest test instruments and software, and benefit from Spirent’s expertise in all aspects of PNT testing.

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Introducing TestBench

Accelerate your testing and free up valuable time with Spirent’s proven GNSS test automation and reporting solution.

Discover Spirent’s TestBench test automation tool, and get an overview of the key tests to perform on any GNSS-dependent device.

What else can we help with?

  • I’d like to understand which performance tests I should run – and how to run them.

  • I’d like help with testing different GPS/GNSS receivers to ensure I choose the right one.

  • I’d like to understand how to measure and improve the performance of my PNT system.

  • I’d like to understand how resilient my PNT system is to interference, jamming and spoofing.

  • I’d like to bring real world GNSS signals into the lab for repeatable testing.

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