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Accelerate and Simplify Your PNT Testing

The fastest way to set up and run your position, navigation and timing (PNT) tests. Load pre-written test suites into Spirent PNT TestBench and simply push a button to run all of your tests automatically. Includes comprehensive reports.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use
Intuitive interface makes it easy for novices and experienced engineers alike to run tests in PNT TestBench.
Broad compatibility
PNT TestBench works with a wide range of RF constellation simulators and other equipment. Spirent will validate your existing testbed to ensure PNT TestBench is compatible, and help you integrate it into your lab.
Highly flexible
Configure parameters for your test instruments, your device under test, and the tests you want PNT TestBench to run for you.
Works out of the box
Use Spirent’s pre-written test scenarios and test suites to get started straightaway.
Maximize your efficiency
Simply push a button to run all your desired tests - and get an alert when it’s all done.
Comprehensive reports
PNT TestBench automatically produces a comprehensive report for every test it runs for you.
Quick start service
PNT TestBench includes consultancy from Spirent’s professional services team to help you set it up.

For more information about PNT TestBench, visit the product page.

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See a Demonstration

We use PNT TestBench in our own labs to automate and accelerate testing. Contact us to arrange a visit to see PNT TestBench in action - and get our professional advice on maximising its value.

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Fundamentals of GNSS Simulation

A great introduction to the general principles of GNSS/GPS simulation - and the types of simulator available for different test applications.

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Constructing a GPS/GNSS Test Plan

Download our guide for engineers integrating GPS/GNSS capabilities into new devices and learn how to construct a GNSS testing regime that suits your project.

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Go Above and Beyond with Spirent

When you choose Spirent, you benefit from insight gained from Spirent’s 30+ years at the forefront of GNSS testing. We build that insight into every product and service we offer - going above and beyond so that you and your team can, too.

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