Meet Your Cloud Infrastructure SLAs with the Industry’s First Scale-by-Design Test Solution

Spirent’s HyperScale test solution loads millions of virtual machines for cloud networks based on VMWare vCenter and OpenStack technologies.
Spirent Hyperscale

Sunnyvale, Calif. – September 16, 2015 – Spirent Communications, the leader in networks, services and device testing, announced the availability of its new Spirent HyperScale test solution. This is the industry’s first, scale-by-design solution to load and implement cloud tests based on VMware vCenter or OpenStack. Spirent’s HyperScale helps cloud and service providers understand the capacity and cost of the infrastructure required to meet service level agreements (SLAs) to effectively price new and innovative services.

Users, regardless of device connections, must have uninterrupted access to applications and reliable connectivity 24x7. And, service providers of any kind – network, telecommunications, or cloud – must ensure SLAs are met in order to stay profitable, gain trust, and keep competition at bay. Cloud or data center operators must have the ability to accurately predict if the infrastructure can scale to meet the growing demands of data storage and transport.

“With the hopes of achieving scalability, agility and efficiency, every data center – big or small – is going through a phenomenal transformation with enablers like Virtualization, Cloud, Hyperconvergence, and Software-Defined everything,” said Malathi Malla, director of product marketing at Spirent Communications. “All of these enabling technologies come at a cost of adding complexity; as a result, capacity planning becomes an educated guess at best. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this approach, a great starting point is to move beyond the arbitrary projections, by leveraging Spirent’s HyperScale test solution to measure performance and capacity with realistic loads.”

As a service provider evaluating various tiers of SLAs, you can now use the Spirent HyperScale solution to test, measure and validate if your data center can perform with realistic loads and full instrumentation. It also helps you understand the capacity and cost of infrastructure required to meet your SLAs thereby effectively pricing your services.

With the ability to scale to thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even a million virtual machines (VMs), Spirent HyperScale allows network managers to create profiles of VMs with broad characteristics in terms of CPU and memory utilization, storage consumption, LAN and WAN bandwidth, etc. The solution populates test-load VMs across the cloud data center, measures performance and resource utilization, and aggregates the results into a user-friendly GUI. Spirent’s HyperScale includes a virtual deployment service that spins up VMs. The test orchestrator manages test cases across the entire testbed which simulates thousands of real-world environments allowing you to test and validate your entire cloud data center infrastructure. 

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