New Carrier-Agnostic Embedded Connectivity App Fuels Sky Devices Global Growth Plans

Tweakker Fit4Market application from Spirent Communications accelerates OEM’s time to new markets, eliminates costly field testing
Sky Devices Picks Tweakker

Crawley, UK – September 15, 2015 – Spirent Communications’ device intelligence business unit Tweakker today announced that it has entered into a global supply agreement with mobile phone manufacturer, Sky Devices. As a part of this agreement, the Tweakker Fit4Market instant connectivity app will be embedded into every new Android smartphone to be built by Sky Devices. 

Sky Devices is a fast-growing US mobile phone manufacturer that develops smartphones of premium quality, modern designs and robust performance at prices that any user can afford. Its stated mission is to manufacture unlocked GSM smartphones that enhance the consumer’s daily routine, without the high costs involved. The OEM recently launched a new LTE device and its 4G device retails at just $150.

“Embedding Fit4Market in our devices is a no-brainer for Sky Devices,” says Roberto Conrado, Director Operations at Sky Devices. “Now we can launch devices into any market sure in the knowledge that they will work on any local network. Gone are the days of costly investments in field testing and we’ll penetrate new markets in record time.”

Dennis Poulsen, Spirent Tweakker’s General Manager, adds, “We’re delighted to enter into this supply agreement with Sky Devices. Fit4Market is an app that all OEMs should embed in any new Android device to gain business advantage and to slash launch costs. With Tweakker on-board, bringing new devices to the global mobile market has never been easier and more fail-proof. The end-result is a massive reduction in costs.” 

The benefit for carriers and virtual carriers with Fit4Market embedded in devices is increased customer satisfaction thanks to devices that always connect. Fit4Market is a product that covers all access point name (APN) configuration settings of all networks be they mobile network operators (MNOs) or mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). Fit4Market is continuously updated throughout the device cycle and smartphones receive updated settings automatically.

Spirent Tweakker enables MVNOs, MNOs and OEMs to radically reduce time to market for new devices and services while ensuring the highest quality, and to radically reduce time to resolve user experience degradation through end-to-end visibility and real-time automation and response. Solutions include: APN setup platform, interactive self-help guides, device analytics, embedded applications and remote application management solutions. 

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