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Spirent Unveils New Device-to-Device VoLTE and RCS Test Solution

Sunnyvale, Calif. – September 10, 2014 – Spirent Communications, today announced the launch of a new VoLTE/RCS services test solution. Built on the Spirent Elevate Test Framework, the solution delivers unparalleled device-to-device VoLTE and RCS testing capabilities in the lab by integrating Spirent’s new Wireless Test Station, ProLab IMS Suite and User Experience Analytics. 

While VoLTE/RCS testing is not a new requirement for the wireless industry, new problems are being discovered in the field as these services are being rolled out.  Since the invention of the cellphone, every technology generation has relied on device-to-network signaling compliance to industry standards.  However, device-to-device services such as VoLTE require devices to communicate with each other to establish basic call functionality - between every device manufacturer, every model and software release, and across every carrier’s network.  

The VoLTE/RCS test solution emulates a wide range of real-world network conditions for real-time testing of voice and video over LTE devices.  By providing a more advanced level of VoLTE/RCS performance e valuation, the solution enables exposure of even the most complex interoperability issues in the lab, preventing them from contributing to a poor user experience on the live network.  

“We’ve seen challenges with VoLTE and RCS interoperability issues that show up late in the release cycle,” said Guy Merritt, Vice President Wireless Products at Spirent Communications.  “Our end-to-end test solution is a real game changer; it allows the identification of performance issues earlier, improves productivity by testing multiple devices simultaneously and evaluates the peer-to-peer behavior required to support the VoLTE experience.”

Spirent’s comprehensive VoLTE and RCS test solution is enabled by several key components of the new Spirent Elevate Test Framework:  

Wireless Test Station, a new product within the Framework, is the world’s first test platform to support multiple devices simultaneously, enabling the interoperability challenges for VoLTE and RCS to be effectively and comprehensively addressed.  

ProLab IMS Suite (formerly Radvision ProLab), recognized worldwide as the best-in-class solution for IMS/RCS/VoLTE testing and validation, emulates carrier-realistic end-to-end environments right in the lab. ProLab enables IMS network systems to be emulated and tested prior to deployment and end-user service problems to be evaluated. 

User Experience Analytics provide extensive user experience evaluation via Spirent’s proven Nomad (voice quality), Quantum (battery consumption), Datum (data throughput) and Chromatic (video performance) solutions.

“Joining the Spirent team is most definitely a win-win situation for Spirent and our wireless customers. With the launch of Spirent Elevate, ProLab is now part of an advanced test platform that can more completely showcase our best-in-class VoLTE and RCS test capabilities,” said Eli Cohen, Director of Product Management, who joined Spirent with the recent acquisition of Radvision’s Technology Business Unit.  “The integration of ProLab into the new Elevate Framework changes the VoLTE and RCS testing paradigm, bringing true device-to-device testing to every lab in the device life cycle, from chipset to handset vendors to wireless carriers.”

In the Spirent Elevate Test Framework, these key components are networked to enable flexible access and shared resources for test teams throughout the productization process and across global locations. Together, these elements create the only solution that cost-effectively addresses the VoLTE and RCS device-to-device interoperability challenges.

Spirent recently announced its VoLTE Readiness Test Solution and the new Spirent Elevate Test Framework.

Join Spirent at booth 5638 during CTIA Wireless 2014 in Las Vegas to learn more about Spirent Elevate and VoLTE/RCS testing. 

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