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Spirent Delivers New Analytics to Improve User Experience of VoLTE Services

Sunnyvale, Calif. – January 25, 2014 – Spirent Communications, the leader in mobile user experience analytics, released today,  IP Analytics modules for improving the user experience of VoLTE and other IP-based services. As the user experience of Over-the-Top (OTT) voice services steadily improves and legacy voice services get a boost from HD voice technology, consumers increasingly have multiple, high-quality options for voice services. 

To succeed, VoLTE needs to go beyond delivering basic voice functionality on a packet-based network – it needs to deliver a user experience as good as or better than competitive alternatives. Spirent’s IP Analytics modules provide an unprecedented ability to correlate user experience metrics from any VoLTE device with IP-layer performance metrics, enabling operators to significantly accelerate the resolution of issues and improve VoLTE user experience. 

Three underlying factors lead to many VoLTE user experience issues: packet delay, jitter and loss. When these factors rise above certain levels, the user experience will suffer in the form of poor speech quality, annoying delays to the conversation or other issues. Packet delay, jitter and loss can be introduced anywhere in the end-to-end network, making it tricky to isolate and fix root causes. Spirent’s IP Analytics enable IP logs from the IMS core and device to be correlated with user experience data, allowing underlying issues related to packet delay, jitter and loss to be identified in minutes as opposed to days using manual techniques. 

“Our studies of initial VoLTE deployments in the US and Asia-Pacific show that VoLTE has the potential to deliver a better user experience than OTT and legacy voice services,” said Des Owens, General Manager, Service Experience at Spirent. “We’ve also seen that a variety of issues across the device, network and IMS core can lead to degraded VoLTE service.  The good news is that these issues can be addressed. Our IP Analytics allow operators to find and fix issues faster than ever before, ensuring that VoLTE services can live up to their full potential.”

The IP Analytics modules are available for Spirent’s Nomad HD and Datum Analytics Systems. While the IP Analytics module for Nomad HD focuses on VoLTE, the IP Analytics module for Datum focuses on data service user experience including web browsing, file transfer and streaming services. As with VoLTE, the issues that degrade the user experience of data services can be extremely challenging to isolate. The IP Analytics module for Datum helps isolate common problems including issues with core network proxy servers, devices, application processors, application layer settings and more.

For more information on Nomad HD and Datum IP Analytics please visit:

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