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Spirent Assures Quality of Experience and Business-Critical SLAs for <br/>Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE

– Spirent Communications, the leading provider of proactive service assurance solutions, has unveiled the new Epitiro 4150 probe with the capability to measure Quality of Experience (QoE) for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE services. For the first time, service providers and enterprises can measure the QoE of both fixed and mobility services using a single probe, providing a comprehensive visibility of the service experience. The Epitiro 4150 delivers the unified set of performance and availability metrics required to manage service level agreements (SLA) for business-critical applications, financial transactions and other high-value services delivered over Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE.

The Epitiro 4150 probe is capable of measuring the key performance indicators that affect QoE, including network parameters such as speed and latency as well as the performance of business applications and services, or popular consumer apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Gmail. Metrics unique to each access technology are also captured such as splash page authentication times for Wi-Fi and testing by band types for LTE. The Epitiro platform scales to monitor thousands of locations using the 4150 probes. Compact and easy to install at customer premises, the probes are scheduled to continually test and make performance results available for real-time on-line analysis. The test results allow NOC staff to proactively address customer-affecting faults in their earliest stages, while commercial managers can use historical results to show actual performance against SLA targets.

 “Enterprises depend on Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE to support high-value services; however, seeing and managing the actual quality delivered everywhere that services are accessed has been a challenge,” said Des Owens, general manager of Service Assurance at Spirent. “With the Epitiro 4150 probe, providers and enterprises can now see the actual quality being delivered to Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE users in stadiums, offices, stores, and metro areas to ensure  business-critical SLAs are met.”

To learn more about Spirent’s suite of service assurance solutions including the Epitiro platform and the 4150 probe (previously called TestCenter Live 4150) please visit: http://www.spirent.com/Solutions/Service-Assurance.

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