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Spirent Expands CyberFlood Security and Performance Assurance Options with New Virtual and Scalable Solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 21, 2018 - Spirent Communications plc (LSE:SPT) today announced the expansion of its family of industry-leading testing solutions with the introduction of two platforms that provide users with new ways to leverage CyberFlood functionality.

For users testing cloud and SDN/NFV environments, CyberFlood Virtual provides versatile deployment options previously unavailable for these use cases. The CF20 is an all-in-one appliance solution that packs the full capabilities of CyberFlood into a highly portable, multi-speed, compact form factor. Available immediately, these two new platforms, with their increased flexibility and scalability, expand Spirent’s reach to include a broader range of customers.

“Customers testing network and security infrastructures with realistic applications, attacks, and malware already leverage CyberFlood to validate reliability and security assurance of today’s advanced networks and devices,” said David DeSanto, director, products and threat research at Spirent Communications. “To address the evolving needs of the connected world, we have expanded CyberFlood’s platform support with the CF20 and CyberFlood Virtual, giving users highly flexible and scalable deployment options that address their testing needs today and going forward.”

With the CF20, users can deploy and start testing in minutes, using a single 1U appliance providing connectivity at 1G/10G/40G and 100G. The CF20 fits the needs of enterprises, service providers, and government organizations for bench-level testing and pre-deployment verification. Additionally, with twice the SSL/TSL testing capabilities of competing products, the CF20 is the ideal solution for testing the impact of the ever-increasing volumes of complex encrypted traffic.

“The CF20 represents a milestone in advanced security and performance testing, packaged in a conveniently small form factor,” said Masahiko Kawauchi, general manager at Toyo Corporation, Spirent’s reseller partner in Japan. “Specifically designed with high-scale cryptographic testing in mind, the CF20 is ready-made to assist our enterprise and service provider customers in understanding the impact of both current and future security traffic in an accessible and cost-effective manner.”

For customers requiring security and performance solutions in virtual environments, CyberFlood Virtual provides the CyberFlood feature set in a scalable software solution designed for use in those environments. CyberFlood Virtual creates application and security traffic within and across virtual environments, exercising SDN/NFV security and performance devices, such as virtualized next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, with realistic traffic and attack/malware scenarios. As a software solution, CyberFlood Virtual enables users to simulate traffic on their own hardware and easily scale loads to meet their performance testing needs.

“Spirent’s CyberFlood Virtual makes it possible to model the performance and efficacy of advanced anti-malware solutions such as WedgeAMB,” said Hongwen Zhang, Ph.D., CTO of Wedge Networks—a Spirent customer. “By enabling us to easily create virtual test beds, CyberFlood Virtual lets us quickly verify our AI-based anti-malware solutions with fresh and updated malware examples, with and without load traffic, for the benefit of system vendors and our virtual machine and appliance customers.”

These new platforms represent a major expansion of the CyberFlood product line to address a broader set of use cases and applications, from physical networks to the cloud. The CF20 and CyberFlood Virtual can scale to fit a wide range of environments, meeting the needs of enterprise customers as well as service providers (SPs), network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and governments entities, due to their cost effectiveness, efficient form factors, and the fact that they do not require a high degree of expertise to deploy or use.

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