14-15 June 2018 - Padua, Italy

Meet Spirent at the 2nd Workshop on Space Robustness & Assurance

Bo Palace
Via VIII Febbraio 2, 35122
Padua, Italy

The resilience and assurance of aerospace and aeronautics navigation systems have been one of the top priorities since the early days of navigation and positioning systems. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) have been a revolution for the global availability of position and time, as well as for its accuracy and integrity performance. It is estimated that approximately 7% of the European GDP depends on satellite navigation applications, including aviation, maritime, rail, road, energy, telecommunications and financial services. Yet, robustness and assurance in navigation is an open issue that has yet to be solved within the GNSS domain.

Mark Holbrow, Vice-Chairman of the workshop, and Engineering Director of Spirent’s Postioning business unit, and other Spirent subject matter experts, will be providing their perspective on how to enhance space robustness and assurance.

For more information on Spirent’s GNSS testing solutions, please click here.

Event website: www.space-robustness-assurance.org