26 July 2017 – Germany

UK-German Cyber-Security Forum

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Park Hilton
Salon Sapporo, 15.Stock 
Am Tucherpark 7 
80538 München

Securing Connected Cars with Spirent at Cyber-Security Forum

The automotive industry is adopting new technologies, such as high-speed in-car networking, new communications systems, and autonomous technologies. To provide these new features with the highest level of safety and security, automotive organizations must adopt new security technologies.

This seminar is an opportunity learn more about securing both automotive and other ‘Internet of Things’ devices, and features presentations from AUDI, MAN, Siemens, and Spirent security expert Diana Stanescu. Diana will be explaining how to keep secure the safety enhancements provided by advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). in the Automotive Security Session.

More and more “common” communications standards are used within next-generation ADAS solutions. As automotive Ethernet is providing high speed communications for high definition cameras or other sensors, 802.11p enables the local ADAS to “talk” to other vehicles or the roadside infrastructure. But how to secure the safety enablers?

In this presentation Diana will describe in detail the implementation of security architecture in the modern connected vehicle and the critical importance of the validation of these functionalities. She will explain how to protect the safety related domains without compromising the applications for Telematics or ADAS and without impacting the speed of the communications in time sensitive networks.

If you would like to attend the event, or cannot attend but want to know more, please contact Spirent.

Spirent offers a range of Automotive, Internet of Things, and Security solutions.

Event website: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/uk-german-cyber-security-forum-registration-35538814551