25-31 March 2017 – Rust, Germany


WHD.global - The Cloud Festival

Booth G24

Spirent will be at WHD.global in Rust, Germany on March 25-31 — and we'd like to see you there.

At WHD.global, leaders from the cloud services and internet infrastructure industries come together to understand how digital technologies fit together to shape our current world and our future.

Spirent will be demonstrating various solutions at the event - visit booth G24 to learn how we can help you improve network performance, test cloud applications, validate security infrastructure and more. Some of the solutions on show will be:

  • Spirent Temeva, a revolutionary new platform, providing convenient access to all your network and cloud testing needs.
  • Spirent CyberFlood, the world’s highest performing L4-7 testing solution – it emulates realistic application traffic while validating your security coverage from enterprise to carrier-grade network capacity.

Event website: www.worldhostingdays.com/global/.

Contact us if you'd like to get a free ticket for the event.