7-8 February 2017 – Munich, Germany

Automotive Ethernet Congress

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Booth #18
Hilton Munich Park
Am Tucherpark
80538 München, Germany

Spirent’s Jeff Warra will be speaking at the event on the subject of Real World Noise for Robustness Testing. Hear Jeff speak on 7th February at 11:00-11:30 a.m.

The world is full of noise, noiseless environments in the real world just don't exist. Whether you are on a factory floor, on a plane, or in a train—cabling within these systems are susceptible to external noise bleeding into wire harness and connectors.

These alien noises can be continuous, impulsive, intentional or unintentional radio frequency noise in nature. Systems need to be able to recover and protect themselves from these harsh noise environments. With complex in-vehicle networking systems in development, the need to withstand these noise conditions has never been more critical. Checking functions like seamless redundancy, frame replication and elimination supporting application development in an effort to produce zero switch-over time when a link fails or drops packs is critical when designing and developing a robust network.

In this presentation you will hear and see the types of noise found in a typical vehicle environment.

  • How this noise can affects low level signal quality indicators.
  • What can result when systems are not designed properly to address the presents of noise in an environment.
  • How the noise can severely impact safety critical systems, QoS and user experience.
  • Finally we will show delegates complete link failures and what was observed and how taking a systematic approach to noise will enable systems designers to create a more robust system.

Automotive Ethernet is much more than just a fast and attractive form of data transmission in an automobile; the rise of autonomous driving is likely to fundamentally alter future automobile architecture. The 3rd Automotive Ethernet Congress on February 7-8, 2017 in Munich presents solid and in-depth support for concrete implementation of Ethernet projects.

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