1 December 2016 - Online

IoT Grand Slam 2016

IoT Grand Slam 2016


Service providers are starting to deploy services and devices to use the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) and Spirent is helping to launch and operate services that provide good performance.

One example of this is in the automotive industry, where connected cars are being developed.

At IoT Grand Slam, Spirent experts will be presenting on a number of topics to give visitors more understanding of how to launch then improve IoT devices and services.

As well as these presentations, Spirent offers a range of products and services to help providers launch and operate IoT networks, applications and services:

  • Spirent Elevate helps to enable future wireless services, M2M and mobile innovation. It offers automation, control, measurement, emulation, and analysis elements for comprehensive end-to-end mobile device testing.
  • Spirent’s developer tools offer solutions to rapidly add communications features to devices to create IoT ecosystems.
  • For assessing service experience, Spirent has services and systems you need to understand that experience and get answers to your business-critical questions.
  • Whether you’re a developer, device manufacturer or network operator, Spirent’s Location Technology Solutions can help you assure the performance of location technologies in any wireless device.
  • Our Mobilethink and Tweakker solutions help device makers, service providers and MVNOs to better understand how devices interact with mobile services.
  • Spirent Analytics solutions help you improve information accuracy and increase operational efficiency. All of which lead to an enhanced experience for your customers.

If you would like to request a complimentary event pass and attend the event, please contact us.

If you are interested in IoT but cannot attend the event, download Spirent’s latest white paper on M2M software development.

Event website: http://iotslam.com/