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The Future of ORAN

Open RAN Roundtable with Spirent Experts


Open RAN Roundtable with Spirent Experts

In this roundtable video series, technology influencer Evan Kirstel interviews Spirent's ORAN experts to offer a better understanding of where Open RAN is headed and the variety of challenges faced along the way, including the implications of an expanded ecosystem and transitioning from a lab to live environment.


Challenges of Building ORAN Networks

In this session, Stephen Douglas and James Kimery provide an overview of where Open RAN is today, the opportunity ahead, and the many challenges facing the industry in developing the standards that will drive adoption.


Implications of an Expanded Ecosystem

Anil Kollipara, Clark Whitty, Stephen Douglas, and James Kimery discuss the ORAN ecosystem landscape covering areas such as the differences from previous standardizations and how both the larger and new smaller industry players can leverage the right expertise.


One Big Challenge You May Not Be Thinking About

Anand Ram of Calnex Solutions joins Stephen Douglas and James Kimery to discuss the testing challenges associated with the rapid rate of evolving software, the importance of timing and synchronization, and what we’ve learned from 5G standalone deployments that is relevant to ORAN implementations.


From Lab to Live

Anil Kollipara, Stephen Douglas and James Kimery take a deep look into the top challenges we might face going from a lab environment to a live one including: testing the latest updates to the security and infrastructure layers, the importance of properly testing in a lab prior to going live, and proactively monitoring SLAs in live networks.

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