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The Spirent Academia Program

Building the future of resilient PNT technologies through university partnerships


Enabling research and innovation collaboration in emerging technology

With dependence on technology increasing, reliance on communications and PNT-enabled products and services is rapidly growing. Spirent collaborates with world-leading academics to bridge the gap between ground-breaking research and industrial innovation , shaping the future of emerging technology and new space applications.

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Labs and teaching material

From GNSS and PNT modules for teaching and training purposes to scenario simulation workshops and applied activities, Spirent can provide the materials you need to enhance your courses and introduce industry-based experiences to your teaching portfolio. From teacher’s notes to Spirent engineering lectures, we can provide the support you need.

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Your research partner

By partnering with Spirent, academics can engage in joint research opportunities with experts in the fields of PNT and emerging communications technologies. Whether your research interests are fundamental or applied, Spirent offers a range of partnership options that can support your journey of innovation and discovery.

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Developing ecosystems

With Spirent laboratory sponsorship, your educational institute will benefit from close collaboration with our experts, and take advantage of world-leading PNT testing equipment. We will jointly push the boundaries of PNT technology and accelerate research for faster market adoption.

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