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Come test in our sandbox

Spirent Experience Labs were established in 2022 to provide our customers with the ability to experience the value of our solutions in an end-to-end Digital Twin environment. Spirent experts can help guide your Proof-of-Concept testing and allow you to experience the outcomes you require. If that isn’t enough, you have the option to securely log in to run your own tests.

Secure end-to-end testing

  • Ensure the quality of your networks

  • Optimize, automate, and validate your area of interest

  • Improve your time to market

  • Quickly derive business and operational benefits

Spirent Experience Labs man at server


  • 5G

  • Open RAN

  • Edge Computing

  • Wi-Fi 6/6E

  • High Speed Ethernet

  • Cloud and Virtualization

Spirent Experience Labs Technologies

Areas of Focus

  • Mobile Network Testing

  • Cloud Testing

  • Ethernet & IP Testing

  • Devices Testing

  • Cybersecurity Testing

  • Wi-Fi Testing

Spirent Experience Labs Areas of Focus

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