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Cybersecurity Newsletter – March 2024


Your guide to best practices and the latest technology from Spirent to proactively manage network security and performance through comprehensive testing.

Validating Policy Enforcement for Effective Zero Trust Network Access

In a series of discussions with leading cybersecurity and networking vendors, Fast Mode interviewed Spirent’s Sashi Jeyaretnam on the impact of traffic visibility on ZTNA networks. Read the article to learn about the evolution of ZTNA technologies, the benefits of ZTNA for enterprise and telco networks, and the need for real-time traffic visibility technologies such as DPI for ZTNA.

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Validating ZTNA Impact on Network Architecture

Learn how to assess the impact of Zero Trust Network Access on network architecture and policies with CyberFlood. In this demo video, we’ll share configuration and deployment tips for validating performance, scalability and effectiveness of ZTNA Policy Enforcement Points, and the impact of access policies on end-user Quality of Experience (QoE).

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Webinar: Data Center & Test Lab Modernization

Gain key insights into best practices and testing strategies for navigating the complexity of data center and test lab modernization, to achieve improved performance, agility, and innovation. In this webinar, we’ll discuss proven testing strategies for validating high-speed Ethernet technologies and how to right-size virtual and cloud data center infrastructure for consistent network security and user-experiences.

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