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Cybersecurity Newsletter – December 2023


Your guide to best practices and the latest technology from Spirent to proactively manage network security and performance through comprehensive testing.

Security and Performance Testing for SASE and Zero Trust

While SASE and Zero Trust offer compelling advantages, they also increase testing and validation complexity and introduce new risks. Get an overview of the challenges, critical testing considerations in validating security and performance, and business advantages of SASE and Zero Trust.

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The Value of Zero Trust Network Access Validation

Learn how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) helps ensure data safety and integrity. In this latest blog, we’ll share the benefits of the Zero Trust approach along with solutions for validating performance, scalability, and effectiveness of ZTNA architectures and policies, and how to characterize their impact on end-user Quality of Experience.

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Strategies for Optimal Network Scale Testing

Testing with highly realistic application traffic patterns paired with modern KPI measurements is critical for assessing network scale. Learn about the latest strategies for measuring the true scalability and effects on the device or network under test in our latest blog post.

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Managing the Complexity of SD-WAN and SASE Deployments

With services migrating to the cloud, new approaches are needed to manage security and the wider threat landscape, requiring a focus on orchestrated, end-to-end security with embedded analytics and automation. Hear about real-world examples and lessons learned from common issues seen in actual deployments.

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