TTCN-3 Standard Overview

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TTCN-3 overview

ETSI ES 201 873-1: TTCN-3 Core Language (CL)

TTCN-3 Core Language is the textual presentation format to specify test suites, including BNF syntax and operational semantics. An available editor for TTCN-3 Core Language is the CL Editor integrated in Testing Technologies' TTworkbench.

ETSI ES 201 873-2: TTCN-3 Tabular Presentation Format (TFT)

The Tabular Presentation Format, taken from concepts out of TTCN-2, is another way to describe TTCN-3 test behavior tabularly.

ETSI ES 201 873-3: TTCN-3 Graphical Presentation Format (GFT)

The graphical presentation format of TTCN-3 (GFT) is based on the ITU-T Recommendation Z.120 [4] defining Message Sequence Charts (MSC). The GFT eases and speeds up test suite design and in parallel creates an appealing documentation. One of the leading graphical editors is the GFT Editor of Testing Technologies.

ETSI ES 201 873-4: TTCN-3 Semantics

This part of the TTCN-3 standard describes the semantic, meaning and definition of functions, data, types and templates etc.

ETSI ES 201 873-5: TTCN-3 Runtime Interface (TRI)

TRI is the Runtime Interface in the concept and standard of TTCN-3 being responsible for the implementation of specified test suites. It describes and defines the communication interfaces between Test Suite and System Under Test specified in the System Adapter (SA). It also includes a Platform Adapter to have access to external functions and integration of time concepts.

ETSI ES 201 873-6: TTCN-3 Control Interfaces (TCI)

TCI is the control part of TTCN-3 standard. It includes standardized interfaces for Component Handling (CH), Test Management (TM), Test Logging (TL), and gives access to the Codec (CD) to en/decode TTCN-3 test data.

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