Take the hard work out of GPS/GNSS testing

Discover PNT TestBench - Automated testing, analysis and reporting package

GNSS testing doesn't need to be difficult

When integrating GNSS into a device, you need to ensure your device performs as expected in different conditions and situations. Thorough testing, therefore, is essential. But without specialist GNSS knowledge it can be difficult knowing where to start – that's where Spirent can help.

PNT TestBench is a GNSS test automation and reporting tool that can help you accelerate your testing. Simply load up one of our pre-prepared test suites, and with a single mouse-click PNT TestBench will execute test cases sequentially, interact with devices under test, analyse the results and generate a report – evaluating your device for fundamental GNSS performance parameters or vulnerabilities.

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Cover GNSS testing, easily

Choose and customise pre-created test suites to test your device’s key GNSS capabilities…and execute them with a single click.

Save time

Save hours with automated testing

Effective GNSS testing demands each test to be re-run dozens of times. Let PNT TestBench do the iterations for you, then present you with the results.


Test with the latest real-world threats

Confirm your device’s resistance using PT Cloud, a constantly-updated library of real-world GNSS challenges and threats – from current space weather to the latest spoofing attacks.


Understand results at a glance

Take hard work out of analyzing your results, as PNT TestBench carries out the statistical interpretation of results for you – giving you a simple pass/fail, based on your choice of criteria.


Simplified closed loop testing

Easily interface with multiple GNSS devices. PNT TestBench can control the device by sending remote commands, and can also log its data.

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