Fortinet Firewall Validation Test

Fortinet® is a global leader in high-performance cyber security, and Spirent Communications plc., the leading provider of testing solutions for networks, devices and services, conducted a comprehensive set of performance tests on the FortiGate®-3810D, the latest Fortinet firewall appliance designed for large enterprises, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and data center environments.

Fortinet’s FortiGate-3810D is a High Performance Datacenter firewall, providing six 100Gbps Ethernet interfaces (6x100GbE) in a 3U appliance. It is the first 100G appliance form factor to appear in the firewall market. Fortinet asked Spirent to test & measure the performance of the appliance using the Avalanche and Spirent Test Center load generators, both at the Layer 3 and Layer 7 of the OSI model.

One of the key metrics of the test session was to measure the impact—if any—of IPv6 on the performances when compared to IPv4. The version 6 of Fortinet’s Network Processor (NP), which introduces the acceleration of IPv6 traffic, has performed well with no performance differences between IPv4 and IPv6.  Such requirement is common in today’s Datacenters.

The 100GbE interfaces were tested both directly (load generator directly connected) and indirectly (through an interconnection switch) and behaved as expected.

In order to perform the test of the FortiGate-3810D, we applied RFC 3511 and RFC 2544 test methodologies.

The engagement goals were threefold:

  • Push the device to its maximum performances
  • Validate the behavior under high load
  • Validate that IPv6 test traffic caused no degradation of performance when compared to the IPv4 test traffic


Fortinet recently selected Spirent to validate the performance of one of its new firewalls: the Fortigate 3810D.

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Fortinet Leverages Spirent Solutions to Validate Best-In-Class Performance of FortiGate-3810D

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