Taming the Massive Complexity of Cybersecurity

It’s no secret that cybersecurity keeps getting more difficult in the face of relentless change. But what’s the secret to delivering consistent, secure performance and a reliably superb experience?

Start here. Take a look at the research and resources below, and get fresh insights into coping with the complexities of cybersecurity in an age of perpetual transition.


79% of security professionals believe cybersecurity is more difficult today than it was two years ago. Why is this—and what can you do about it? Read the new ESG Research Insights paper, formulated from the detailed input of more than 400 security and IT professionals worldwide. Then ask us how we can help you experience clarity in every aspect of security and performance validation.

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Maximize The Value (And Sanity) Of Your Staff

Research shows organizations don’t have adequate security staff levels and skills—especially when it comes to network security. In fact 51% of organizations reported a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills in 2018. Find out how we can help bridge these skills gaps and unburden your staff so they can focus on high-value tasks and innovation.

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CISOs: Elevate Your Influence

Remember when the CISO was primarily a technician? Those days are over. The new CISO must drive strategic imperatives, from validating security investments to protecting business processes. Watch the webinar that discusses the issues and the opportunities of transforming the CISO role from guiding technical discussions to driving business results.

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Extract More Value From Your Budget

92% of organizations will increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2018, according to ESG Research’s survey of more than 400 cybersecurity and IT professionals worldwode. How do you maximize the value of increased spending in network security, cloud security, and application security? Take the first step and optimize your testing practices. Read the report that shows you how to do more realistic testing for better real-world results.

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Take Testing To A Higher Level

Research confirms that security testing should be part of IT projects from the beginning and should be conducted continuously. Take a look at this infographic to assess whether your organizations is keeping pace with security testing requirements, and whether you have the right skills and equipment to do so effectively.

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