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Advancing O-RAN and Future of 5G Core Symposium

June 15, 2023

Join our team of experts at the “Advancing O-RAN and Future of 5G Core Symposium” and explore the cutting-edge world of Open RAN and 5G technology!

With the demand for faster, more reliable, and highly efficient mobile networks, 5G technology has emerged as a transformative force in the telecommunications industry. Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) - a disaggregated OPEN approach to mobile network architecture, is playing a pivotal role in realizing the potential of 5G networks. However, with the complexity and scale of 5G infrastructure, ensuring the seamless integration and robust performance of the 5G core is crucial.

Spirent invites you to this symposium that delves into the concept of O-RAN and its implications for 5G core. You also get to meet our Senior Director, Product Management, Mr. Anil Kollipara who majorly works on the 5G & O-RAN innovations.

Here is what the session focuses on:

  • Understand the benefits of disaggregated architecture of 5G, O-RAN & automating the 5G network lifecycle
  • Challenges that you would face due to network complexity and lack of standardized test frameworks
  • Benefit’s of testing, opportunities forthcoming & the solutions associated with this innovative paradigm

This will be followed by cocktails and dinner.

Register now to network with like-minded professionals and stay ahead in the tech revolution. We are excited to host you at this one-time symposium.

For any queries on registration, please contact your Spirent representative or write to us at india@spirent.com


The Leela Palace Bengaluru, 23, Old Airport Road, Bengaluru - 560 008 India

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Featured Speakers

Anil Kollipara

Anil Kollipara

Vice President, Product Management


Kishore Kumar

Director - Technical Development

Spirent Communications