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5G Monetization Forum 2023

February 7, 2023
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Spirent Session: 10:50am to 11:15am ET

Assuring 5G Network Performance that Pays

Operators must ensure the evolution to new 5G technology not only brings the improvements promised but provides the bedrock for new services that can uniquely take advantage of 5G technology. Network slicing, latency thresholds, and associated guaranteed service level agreements will require proactive monitoring and end-to-end visibility through a myriad of environments. With this new class of multi-vendor, disaggregated, and cloud-native infrastructure, the approach to assurance must be as evolutionary as the network itself.

This session will touch on why traditional approaches to service assurance simply will not work when it comes to 5G and the key aspects of new assurance methods that are necessary to meet 5G challenges and keep your network running in its race to revenue.


Virtual event

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2023 - 8:55am to 4pm ET

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Featured Speakers

Charles Thompson 100x100

Charles Thompson

VP, Product Line Management – Live Portfolio, Lifecycle Service Assurance


John Cyriac Abraham

John Cyriac Abraham

Principal Analyst

Appledore Research