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Success with GNSS-Dependent Products Depends on the Right GNSS Test Plan

Companies integrating GNSS receivers into products must be confident that the receiver will deliver the promised level of performance to their customers.

Selecting the best receiver for the product—and testing it at successive stages of the product development cycle to identify and fix any issues before launch—is more important than ever. And it all starts with the right GNSS test plan.

Our eBook includes:

  • Why it’s important to test beyond the GNSS chipset’s product specifications

  • The six fundamental tests that we recommend you apply to select the optimal GNSS receiver for your product

  • How to test your receiver’s performance when integrated into your overall product design

  • Tips on testing the application-specific performance of the GNSS receiver

  • A free checklist for building the right test plan for your product

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Getting real-world GNSS simulation in the lab

To understand whether or not your prototype meets your PNT requirements in the real world, it’s important to conduct your own GNSS receiver tests throughout the product lifecycle. You need a solution that brings the real world into the lab in dynamic detail for repeatable testing.

Spirent’s world-leading simulation platforms, our professional services expertise, and our broad range of PNT test and measurement solutions help get your product to market with solid performance. Download our eBook and start building an effective test plan!