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It’s Time to Unleash 5G

With 5G Standalone, new revenue opportunities from Fixed Wireless Access to enhanced video and AR-commerce are finally in reach. But 5G Standalone’s innovative structure and complexity means service providers must overcome numerous challenges to successfully deploy the 5G Core at the heart of 5G Standalone’s promise.

Spirent’s vendor-neutral cloud, security, and automation expertise – gained from more than 3,100 5G engagements worldwide – can complement in-house capabilities to safely accelerate your transformation.

Rip through 5G success blockers

In this year’s Spirent 5G Report, we are honored to present our latest market findings, insights and predictions of a 5G market ready to deliver on its massive potential and reap the revenue rewards that accompany it.

Following are just a few of our key 5G Standalone observations and insights:

  • Single-vendor deployments dominate initial rollouts but multi-vendor testing is increasing

  • More focus on testing Roaming, NWDAF, ATSSS, Positioning and Cell broadcast

  • Telco Cloud is favored over Public Cloud for the macro network

  • Most large CSPs have begun implementing CI/CD/CT

  • Enhanced interest in power consumption – potential for 30-40% savings demonstrated

Download the report to get our full set of findings and learn how you can rip through the blockers to 5G success!

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