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By Michael Keeley On January 1, 2011

The current large-scale rollout of commercial non-proprietary LTE is our industry’s most ambitious initiative since the first cellular networks were launched years ago. Designing mobile devices for LTE is very different from previous mobile design efforts, mainly due to three key factors: Complexity – LTE brings major changes to every link in the network from the core to the mobile device. Multi-technology support – Subscribers expect voice and data applications to run ...

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For some, dealing with all those new RF technologies like antenna diversity, MIMO and beamforming (in all its incarnations) is part of the job description. But many of us who deal less directly with the radio access network can benefit with a bit of knowledge about some of the arcane but interesting aspects of modern radio technology. Since I have the pleasure of working with some of the world’s leading experts in this field, this blog is an attempt to translate their very detailed knowledge...

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