Unlock the Potential of IoT with Network Virtualization

Two large shifts are altering the way network carriers operate:

  1. IoT is bringing a wealth of new devices and traffic mixes to the network
  2. Virtualization is changing the way carriers deploy and manage network functions

Rather than being separate trends, virtualization can work in tandem with IoT to help carriers manage the deluge of new devices – and make the most of the new opportunities IoT brings.

The benefits of network virtualization

For many cellular network carriers, virtualization represents a bold new approach – but it’s one that can help you to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Boost agility and flexibility
  • Scale seamlessly as demand increases
  • Eliminate network bottlenecks
  • Maximise reliability and uptime
  • Improve service quality levels
  • Reduce admin burden
  • Embrace open standards

More importantly, virtualization can help you overcome some of the immediate challenges of supporting new IoT applications and devices.

For instance, some IoT services might only offer as much as $2 ARPU per month, compared to as much as $40 for traditional service customers.

By making the most of virtualization, you can automate network resource provisioning, reduce operational costs and mitigate the impact of IoT’s lower ARPU.

Tackle current, and upcoming challenges

Beyond supporting and optimising IoT, virtualization can also help you make the most of upcoming networking trends, including:

The pathway to 5G: many of the Pillars of 5G will be based around supporting widespread, continuous IoT connectivity. virtualization can already help you achieve this. By enabling policy-driven slicing of network capabilities, you can distribute Quality of Service (QoS) slices across different services as needed – and deliver 5G-like services and connectivity ahead of the competition.

Multi-access edge computing: by moving compute tasks from a centralised data center to the edge of the network, high performance and low latency applications are suddenly possible. But these benefits can only be realized if you can make the most of the virtualization and cloud capabilities on offer at the network edge.

Get the most from IoT and virtualization with lifecycle assurance

Both virtualization and IoT change the way carriers will manage their networks. The only way to ensure you get the most out of this new era of networking is to thoroughly test and assure these new processes across the entire network lifecycle.

We’ve written a white paper to help network carriers understand the opportunities of IoT and virtualization – and how to assure the complete network lifecycle so you can fully embrace them.
Download the white paper: Unlock the Potential of IoT with Network Virtualization.

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