Spirent awards first Fellow designation

By Saul Einbinder On June 1, 2017
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Spirent has announced and launched a new Fellow Program to recognize and reward the select members of our technical community that have achieved outstanding contribution to their field of expertise and to Spirent. This designation is the Company’s highest commendation for technical excellence and represents the pinnacle of achievement for our technical Career Ladder.

The first recipient of the Spirent Fellow award is Doug Reed who joined Spirent in May of 2008.  He is a Principal Architect with the Wireless Business Unit, based in Plano, TX.

Spirent's Doug Reed receives the first Spirent Fellow Award form Eric Hutchinson

Doug Reed being presented with the Fellow Award by Spirent CEO, Eric Hutchinson.

Doug has demonstrated sustained technical innovation and excellence for Spirent. His contribution to Spirent, subject matter expertise, and technical achievement fully meet the rigorous standards of the award and establish the highest standards for the Spirent Fellow designation.

Doug is one of the handful of global technology leaders in Radio Frequency Channel Emulation. Specifically, he is the inventor of the architecture and mathematical algorithms of Spirent’s MIMO OTA solutions for testing device and base station antenna and modem systems.  Additionally, he is an influential contributor to cellular industry standards organizations. The 3GPP (the governing cellular standards body) based a large portion of its MIMO antenna system comparison methodology on Doug’s channel model contributions.

Doug is in the top 1% of all US inventors in terms of number of patents awarded. In 2016, he was awarded his 53rd patent.  His most recent patents, along with three new applications, represent ideas that have direct linkage to Spirent success. The 52nd described a method that is at the core of how we perform MIMO OTA testing, which recently became a CTIA mandated test. The 53rd puts Spirent at the head of the pack for 3D antenna testing, which will be critical for 5G over-the-air testing.

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