Re-Define the Future of Network Element Testing

Spirent Landslide in Operations

Dramatically higher traffic inevitably results in tough challenges for network operators, and future-proofing against signaling storms and loss of service is now the number one priority. Thus, Spirent has been working hard to ensure we’re in a strong position to assist future growth and help our clients meet customer demands.

To facilitate this, we introduce Landslide EDGE™ and Landslide CORE™. The idea behind Landslide EDGE and CORE was to take our market-leading Landslide suite of testing solutions for testing Mobile Core, Wi-Fi, Diameter and VoLTE/IMS networks from the lab into the operational network. 

Landslide EDGE is a light weight platform designed to be integrated at the remote sites and Landslide CORE is a higher scaling system designed to be integrated into the Mobile Core, Diameter and IMS networks. Used together the two systems enable end-to-end network visibility. The benefits are abundant, as the ability to analyze real-time ‘live’ data in the real-world environment allows for:

  • Pre-emptive network health checks - predict network degradation and take precautionary actions
  • End-to-End vision: Extensive set of data from Mobile Core, Wi-Fi Core, Diameter and IMS networks
  • Instant validation of configuration changes and network upgrades

Distributed and remotely managed testing - eliminating the need to deploy test engineers into the field. The cumulative effect will empower users to make multiple, regular improvements to overall operations – an outlook that has been likened to the sporting theory of ‘marginal gains’, as teams routinely study performance, implementing small changes in order to gain a competitive advantage.

By taking this committed approach to innovation, the future telecoms infrastructure can live up to the expectations of increasingly-demanding and forever multiplying end users. Looking for incremental across the entire network will add up to big change.

How it works

Landslide EDGE and CORE are the smart solution to both current and imminent problems. The technology can be used in various ways to accelerate delivery and optimize performance.

The software allows carriers to emulate virtual handsets and at any point of the wired-side mobility network, i.e. Cell Sites, vCPE/NIDs, MTSOs and Data Centers.

This allows active tests to be run for validating, isolating and troubleshooting potential issues that surround:

  • VoLTE and video quality (QoS and MOS scoring)
  • Data performance
  • Roaming functionality
  • Control Plane validation
  • vEPC turn up validation
  • Real-time visibility of configuration changes and upgrades

Landslide EDGE™ is available as a light weight VM, a small standalone appliance or software that can be incorporated into an existing platform such as a vEPC. Supporting the S1 interface it  is designed to be integrated into the RAN and backhaul network.

Landslide CORE™ core is available as a virtual machine or a software package that can run on a bare metal appliance or integrated into network nodes. Supporting all of the interfaces of the Mobile Core, Wi-Fi Core, IMS and Diameter networks it provides visibility into the data plane, control plane, authentication, management and billing functions of the network.

A recent Heavy Reading survey uncovered that the cost of network degradation and outages is $15B per year.  This is in addition to the $3B that mobile carriers are spending annually on probes and visibility solutions today.  Carriers are also spending considerable time and effort in troubleshooting network issues and manually validating configurations fixes and upgrades – often requiring engineers with RF handset based tools being deployed into the network even when the configuration change only pertains to a node deep in the network.

Landslide EDGE and CORE enable end-to-end network visibility allowing real-time validation of network performance without having to wade through massive databases.  This provides the feedback operations teams need to detect trends before they become customer impacting or outages.

When it comes to troubleshooting and upgrades automated validation not only reduces the associated risk but increases the throughput of the engineering team.  This has the benefits of both reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market.  Both have a significant impact on customer churn and new customer acquisition. 

Cutting-edge conclusion

The ability to gain early warning, detect and recreate faults in the live environment will allow for greater understanding and ultimate prevention. Likewise, performing health checks on a node-by-node basis will enable more specific, focused testing that will enhance performance and pave the way for future-proof upgrades. 

Our vast knowledge, breadth of service and overall visibility has allowed us to identify new ways to support network operators and service providers in delivering fully-optimized future communications. Landslide Edge™ is the perfect complement to our existing range of market-leading products, as we continue to pioneer and (re)define Network Element Testing.

Find out more about how to future-proofing against signaling storms and loss of service, visit: http://www.spirent.com/Products/Landslide/Operational


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