Mobile Device Designers: You Can Relax Now – Part 3

By Spirent On May 1, 2012
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One of the big problems when you’re charged with a significant development effort is that you’re often required to jump right into the dirty details. It’s not just in communications, either. Case in point: my first job out of school was with an avionics company. I was assigned to a project that had been in development for a year and a half, but had experienced multiple setbacks. The schedule was in trouble.

If you know avionics in the ‘80’s, you know that missing a shipping date meant a 90-day delay in payment… and interest on a big payment equals a lot of money. I was one of a handful of new guys assigned to the project in a classic case of “warm body syndrome”. That’s when the schedule’s in trouble, so someone panics and says, “Throw as many warm bodies on it as possible.”

Anyway, four of us were being introduced to the project in a meeting.  After a detailed four hour review of our new project, we were confused and dazed.  I took a risk and asked a simple question: “I know this box is going in an F-14, but what exactly does it do?”  My boss’ silence scared the heck out of me. He stared at me for a moment and then said, “You mean, what does it do do? I don’t know”.

As it turned out, each engineer had been compartmentalized and focused on one tiny corner of the technology. Nobody understood the bigger picture. In retrospect, that was a significant reason for a lot of the expensive setbacks.

So, in the interest of bringing device designers up to speed on the “big picture” of IMS in the LTE network (and also to find out if anyone read all three of these blogs), we’d like to offer you a few free and hopefully helpful items:

  • IMS Architecture: The LTE User Equipment Perspective (white paper)
  • IMS Procedures and Protocols: The LTE User Equipment Perspective (reference guide to accompany the white paper)
  • IMS/VoLTE Reference Guide (wall poster)
  • LTE and the Mobile Internet (wall poster)

This set of reference resources is our way of supporting the many warm bodies who are currently involved in the design and development of LTE User Equipment.  We at Spirent understand the complexity at hand and are dedicated to sharing our expertise and knowledge of the bigger picture. 

On behalf of my first boss, please feel free to reach out to me should have you further questions or would like more information . . .We at Spirent are ready and equipped to help you move forward. . . We are in this together.

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