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How to Test and Verify Your Cisco Network Design and Functionality in Minutes


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As a network architect or designer, setup, change, test, verify and tear down your company's Cisco Network Design in a matter of minutes

As a network architect or designer, imagine being able to setup, change, test, verify and tear down your company's Cisco network design in a matter of minutes! Well you can...

Employing Cisco Network Design Best Practices 

Using a 100% Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) compatible virtualized network test tool such as Spirent TestCenter Virtual, you have the flexibility of testing in a variety of environments, from mixed physical and virtual to virtual-only scenarios or even labs located in a public cloud.  IT teams have access to functionality that includes the ability to generate any customer-defined traffic encapsulation, a wide range of emulation capability and measurement of key performance metrics.


The virtual test solution’s connectivity to CML is supported in a variety of deployments – from chassis-based hardware for precision and performance to virtual ports for convenience and flexibility – Spirent solutions are supported on any cloud type including on premise, public, private, and hosted).

For many customers, having access to a test environment such as CML to emulate and design topologies is a new and challenging concept. Leveraging the Cisco Network Design methodology, experience and best practices from Spirent you can transition from an ad-hoc manual workflow to a fully automated on demand virtual test bed. 

You can utilize both CML and Spirent TestCenter Virtual to assure that your network is verified in the lab before issues are found in production.  Test your deployments today with Spirent Virtual and Cloud solutions and join us on active conversations through LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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Malathi Malla
Malathi Malla

Malathi Malla leads Cloud, Data Center and Virtualization segment for Spirent. Responsible for the Product Marketing, Technical Marketing, and Product Management, she drives go-to-market strategy across Cloud and IP solutions. She has over 14 years of hi-tech experience at both Silicon Valley start-ups and large companies including Citrix, IBM, Sterling Commerce (software division of AT&T), Comergent Technologies. Malathi also represents Spirent as Marketing prime through various open source communities like Open Networking Foundation and OpenDayLight. Join the conversation and connect with Malathi on LinkedIn or follow on her on Twitter at @malathimalla.