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If we think about what we in the high-tech industry have accomplished over the past few decades, it’s astonishing. Our progress relies on the current and former work of people inside and outside of our industry, taking their ideas and adapting or extending them to the next stage. Ed Yong at the National Geographic blog “Not Exactly Rocket Science” highlights recent research that shows societies with larger populations also tend to have more complexity and improvements in the things they create. We’re doing this as well, on the largest scale possible here at Spirent.

Knowledge Base Blog ImageTake the Spirent Knowledge Base for example. Although each article in the KB is started by an individual in Spirent, we commit ourselves to continually improve the content in the KB as a team. As we’re using the Knowledge Base, if we come upon an article and spot an inaccuracy or have a useful improvement, our default process is to either make the fix ourselves or at least tell the author about our suggested fixes. With hundreds of people in Spirent using the KB daily, fixes and improvements are happening constantly, and the KB you use today is improved from a month ago, and will be better yet a month from now.

We’re also in the process of preparing the Spirent Forums for a full launch to our customers. When you consider that our customers outnumber Spirent employees by many times, you can see the potential the Forums have for helping the global Spirent user community solve the complex issues facing us and for driving improvements.

You’re invited to participate in this too in both the KB and the Forums. If you encounter an issue in the Knowledge Base, let us know. And although we’re launching it in phases, customers are invited to go the Spirent Forums and participate in the Global Spirent user community. The Forums already has thousands of users and thousands of posts—help your community achieve greater things by adding your contributions, plus you may just learn something new while you’re at it!

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