Ten Thousand Articles and the Wisdom of the Crowd

By Philip Joung On September 24, 2013
Spirent Knowledge Base

We’re just two years from when we first started having folks author articles in the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB). The content on the KB has grown at an incredible pace, and we’re about to break through the 10,000 authored articles threshold. What are some things we do to deal with this trove of information?

Ten thousand articles is a lot. It represents countless hours of contributions from hundreds of people in Spirent, all with the purpose of capturing and ultimately offering our knowledge to the people who need it. You, as our customer, are the number one group we focus on.

Knowledge Base GraphicWe’ve already talked about how we use your incoming questions to help us create useful and relevant articles in the KB. We also know what content is the most popular, and we know the most frequent search terms. Finally, we track which articles our support engineers use most often to help solve customer service requests. With this data, we’re able to know which articles really need the most “care and feeding”, since they’re the ones getting the most use.

How does this help? It means the most popular content― the stuff you’re most likely to want―is continually being improved. In the cases where previously infrequently viewed content begins receiving increased hits, that content in turn also starts getting more frequent improvements from us. And with almost 10,000 articles, our approach enables us to handle the “long tail” of content, or the articles that almost never get seen. We place most of our efforts on the popular content in the KB, letting the wisdom of the crowd decide what needs the most improvements.

Have a comment? Want to impart your wisdom to the crowd? Share your thoughts below. Click the graphic and check out the KB today!

Spirent Knowledge Base

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