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Knowledge BaseYou may have heard that the Spirent Knowledge Base is now two years old (pop the champagne!). In those two years, 10,000 new articles have been written in the KB, representing information and knowledge that was often only available if you happened to know the right person to ask. Let’s do a deeper dive into one particular article (an FAQ) and how we know it helps.

One of the more popular FAQs in the KB is FAQ10324, titled “Spirent TestCenter: How to upgrade a Spirent TestCenter Chassis?”. It was originally written in June of 2011, and has since gone through 7 revisions and improvements. The first version only included a text description of the upgrade process, and was for Spirent TestCenter version 3.42. Screenshots were added about 7 months after the first version was published. Further details and helpful hints were added in later versions to provide the version you see now.

As of this blog posting, that FAQ has been viewed about 5,000 times by a mix of Spirent employees and Spirent customers (and perhaps a few curious onlookers). Every one of those views usually means a question answered quickly and efficiently without having to know who to ask, and hopefully reducing the need to open a service request (SR) with Spirent Support Services (don’t worry—if you have more questions or otherwise still need help after reading KB articles, you can still open an SR). What’s more, we track how often our support engineers use KB articles to help solve the SRs they’re working on. For this particular FAQ, it has been used to help solve nearly 30 customer SRs (so far).

This is just one example, and only for one product out of the 40 or so products in the KB. There are hundreds of other articles with a similar story of continuous improvement and high rates of viewership and reuse. The net effect for you: our 10,000+ articles help in the front end by helping you find relevant answers quickly, and when SRs are opened, the articles help on the back end by helping answer questions we’ve already solved. By not having to “reinvent the wheel” each time a similar question comes in, it gives us more time to focus on the truly new questions and issues you bring to us.

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