How We Create and Improve the Knowledge Base Content

With the Knowledge Base, it's all about the people

As I mentioned in an earlier blog posting (Dogfooding the KB), we here at Spirent use the Knowledge Base (KB) for our own research and knowledge sharing purposes. We’ve had a formal process in the Spirent Support Services team for creating and improving KB content since the launch of the KB, and we just launched a new project that will further improve the content we deliver from the KB. Get the scoop on this project after the jump!

As we started to put the KB together in 2011, we knew we were the great beneficiaries of high-end knowledge management and customer relationship management software. We also realized that the majority of our effort and focus must not be on the technology, but in the people. This is not to say we didn’t care about the technology; we invested in top-of-the-line software and hardware to run the KB.Having these great tools enables us to do our jobs better and allows us to deliver a powerful KB to you.

As the “Dogfooding” blog post suggests, we strive to create new content in the KB based on the questions submitted from the Spirent user community. For the more routine “how-to” questions, the answer will often appear in the KB within a day. As our support engineers take on a new case, they also conduct a KB search to see if an answer is available. If so, the support engineer will review the KB article, adding updates based on new developments to improve the article. After the review, the engineer will then send the article contents to help answer the user’s question. Multiply this process across our many support engineers worldwide, and the growth and improvement of the KB content continues at a rapid pace.

Simplified view of KB workflow

What are the benefits of this approach? For you, as the KB end user, you get access to up-to-date content that’s constantly reviewed by our global team for improvements. This means you can expect to get a useful search hit, and that the content of the KB article is likely to be helpful. For us? Every time we facilitate a solution with a similar profile, and bypass having to solve the same issue again, means we gain more ‘smart time’ to focus on the new, unanswered customer issues that can benefit from our efforts. In other words, whether you use the KB to find your answers or contact us for support, you’ll benefit from a better experience either way.

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