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Spirent Knowledge Base

Frequent visitors to the Spirent Customer Service Center may have noticed we introduced the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB) as a main component of the CSC back in July 23, 2011. The KB was the result of years of analysis—yeah, stuff like ROI, impact on customers, impact on the support team, surveys. This isn’t to say that the CSC didn’t have a search function prior to July 23—it was certainly there, but much of the content was outdated, and the quality of the search was horrid. In its approximate 5 years of existence, it grew to about 200 total articles covering just a few products; not all that impressive when you consider Spirent has approximately 40 different products.

So, we weren’t serving our customers well with search nor with suitable content. In surveys and in conversations with our customers, they clearly spoke up about that as a crucial weakness. We needed a change.

Once Spirent decided to go for the KB, it took another 8 months and 3600 person hours total to put it into production, on top of the months of RFI/RFP analysis to choose the vendor. Today, the KB search engine continues to be tuned for better searches, new content is added on daily basis, and it has become a critical part of our support strategy for customers. It’s a reliable and invaluable information source for anyone who works with Spirent products, including our own product engineers, product managers and, of course, the support engineers.

The Spirent Knowledge Base

I hope you find the same experience as you use the Spirent Knowledge Base. It’s been an incredible experience putting together the KB as it stands today. And, of course, there are still more directions we plan for the KB. We’ll explore these topics and more in future blog postings. Also, if you have any questions or feedback about the Spirent Knowledge Base, please add your voice to the discussion below.

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