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Needles, Haystacks, Saint Bernards and Power Searching the KB

What's one of the first things you see when you go to the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB)? It's the search bar. We put it front and center and even a second time on the right to make search the preferred way to find the answers to the problems you need to solve ASAP.

So, just search, already!

Luckily, we've all become familiar with using search engines, and using the search on the Spirent Knowledge Base is the same: enter the keywords for your search, press Enter, and the KB delivers results matching your search.

Easy. And most times, it'll work quite well to find the content you seek.

Search Tricks

How you enter your search can matter. Too vague, and you’ll get hundreds or thousands of results. Simple misspellings are auto-corrected, but mangled misspellings can return weird results. Luckily, you can learn the tips of searching the KB—just click the handy "Search Tips" link right below the Search button and a list of suggestions pops out to improve your searches—you don't even leave the page.

Spirent Knowledge Base Search Tips

Search Mastery

But yes, you know you so want to be a Power Searcher, a Saint Bernard in the avalanche of Spirent content, a needle finder in the towering haystack of Spirent answers!

We're here to help! We've taken great pains to categorize, by hand, every piece of authored content we've put into the KB. How does that help? You may notice a big list of filters that show up after a search on the left side of the page. These allow you to further filter your search and improve the relevancy of the results.

Spirent Knowledge Base - Be a Power Searcher

Using the filters can help reduce a search with hundreds of results to just a few results. This is often the better option to choose rather than the Next page of results.

KB Search: it's your path to becoming that master searcher you've only dreamed of, and it's all right at your fingertips!

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