The Power of Sharing Knowledge

Spirent Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base (KB) is at its core, a platform for us to share our collective experience and knowledge with our customers. Of course, a complete sharing is impossible and impractical, but we do strive to share the content we believe will be the most helpful and most needed by our customers. This focus of ours led me to read with deep interest a recent article by Braden Kelley at Innovation Excellence, My Top 10 Innovations of All Time. While I might dispute some of his top ten (harnessing of fire, agriculture and the wheel come to mind as items potentially missing from his list), I really like his point, “that the pace of innovation accelerates when the speed of knowledge sharing accelerates, that knowledge acceleration leads to innovation acceleration.”

In the end, you, as someone using Spirent products (or perhaps interested in using them) are likely working for a company that pays you for a certain set of skills and expertise. By sharing our Spirent product knowledge and expertise with you via the Spirent Knowledge Base, we hope it allows you to find the answers you seek quickly and get back to focusing on what you get paid for. That’s our contribution to accelerating your pace of innovation.

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