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Spirent Customer Service Center Honored with a 2018 ASP Top Ten Web Support Sites Award


Blog - Spirent Customer Service Center Honored with a 2018 ASP Top Ten Web Support Sites Award

Spirent Customer Service Center Honored with a 2018 ASP Top Ten Web Support Sites Award

The Year's Ten Best Web Support Sites

The Internet has become the primary destination to learn about and get help for almost anything, and Spirent is no exception. We’ve been offering support on the Customer Service Center (CSC) since 2001. Of course, our site has evolved significantly since then, and we introduced a fully redesigned CSC in late 2017 that centered on offering powerful functionality and tools to help a customer learn, use, participate and ultimately get the most out of their Spirent investment.

I’m proud to tell you that the Spirent CSC has now been honored by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) with the 2018 Top Ten Web Support Sites Award, positioning it alongside other prestigious companies in offering a support site that focuses on a customer’s success.

Alfred Hahn, Executive Director of the Association of Support Professionals explains why the award is so significant: “During the past few years, the ASP Annual Best Web Support Sites Awards have become ever more rigorous, playing a part in creating higher quality, more customer-friendly support sites. In today’s more competitive environment, only those sites that exhibit ongoing improvements and a strong focus on the customer experience, are named winners, so we applaud Spirent on their ASB award, especially as they won on their first try - something that few companies are able to achieve.”

Spirent CEO, Eric Hutchison also expressed why the award is so important: “Spirent is recognized by many of our customers not just for our technical expertise, and product and service quality, but also because we work closely with customers in helping them and caring about their success. This is why so many of our customers see us as a trusted advisor - a commitment embodied by our ‘Promise. Assured.’ initiative - and so we are proud to receive this award for the quality of our CSC.

“We hope our customers see it as further evidence of our continued commitment to helping them fulfil the promises they make to their customers every day,” said Eric.


While we are thrilled to be receiving this award, we’re not standing still, and will continue exploring opportunities to tweak and improve the CSC. As our customers deploy more and more powerful and complex products, Spirent has to keep up and offer solutions that can match that power and complexity. However, getting support doesn’t need to be complex, and the Spirent CSC offers customers a reliable path to getting the most out of their Spirent products and solutions.

Visit the Spirent Customer Service Center today at https://support.spirent.com/.

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Philip Joung
Philip Joung

Senior Manager, Knowledge Management

Philip Joung is a long-time Spirent employee, having joined Spirent as part of an acquisition of a start-up company. Since then, he has had myriad roles in marketing, product management, business development, professional services and support services. His current role is managing the customer-facing digital properties, including the [Spirent Customer Service Center](http://support.spirent.com/) (CSC), the [Spirent Knowledge Base](http://support.spirent.com/) (KB) and the [Spirent Forums](http://forums.spirent.com/). He believes the proper design and usage of these tools can dramatically improve the customer productivity and experience with Spirent. When not working, he spends his time with his family, which usually means trying to juggle the capricious demands of three young children. He also enjoys the great weather of the Bay Area, which gives him easy access to skiing, biking and volleyball, with a little console gaming thrown in for good measure.