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In addition to the new signals to be broadcast under the GPS modernization project, there are to be two significant changes to the existing civilian signals, both designed to improve the performance of GPS receivers. The first is an additional data-free pilot signal and the second is the addition of forward error correction (FEC) encoding to the navigation message. The new data-free signal will be broadcast alongside the normal data signal, acting as an easy-to-acquire pilot signal. Once a...

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Time is an important component of any satellite navigation system, and it is essential that any receiver attached to the system has a clock that is fully up to date. The current GPS system uses its own timescale, which is closely linked to (but not completely in sync with) Co-ordinated Universal Time (or UTC). And to allow GPS receivers to give users the precise time according to UTC, the precise value of the current offset between the two clocks is broadcast by the satellite system. While UTC i...

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