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Network testing solutions are critical to the security of enterprise-scale infrastructures. Comprehensive testing of online infrastructure in a network environment including applications running before or after deployment should be required for hardened protection against breaches, hacks, and attacks on the network under load with real, reliable and repeatable traffic.

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By Spirent On December 22, 2011
DoS, Firewall, Fuzzing, SCADA

While the bad news is that experts are declaring that we have entered the age of cyber war, the worse news as we enter 2012 is that security systems and professionals are just not able to keep up. Security attacks are increasing in their complexity and intensity every day. These range from inter-state attacks (like the one on Raytheon this year and the ones from China that are being investigated by the U.S. government) to cyber-crime (that includes countless malware and DDOS attacks ag...

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