Moving to continuous security validation

continuous security validation When major changes happen daily, with no warning, you begin to crave continuity. The same is true when it comes to network security.

Most companies still rely on point-in-time snapshots of their security posture. You run an occasional vulnerability scan once a month, find the holes in your defenses, and patch them.

But when everything’s changing fast, point-in-time solutions can’t keep up. And today, the threat landscape is changing by the hour. SecOps teams are facing more sophisticated and coordinated attacks from hackers through endpoint devices, remote access networks and security lapses due to COVID-19.

It’s time to start assessing and validating the security landscape continuously. Being able to locate new threats as they emerge, assess the threat level accurately, and prioritize remediation accordingly is key to maintaining a proactive and robust security posture.

To put it another way: if you want to reduce your overall risk, you want to move to continuous security validation. Spirent makes this easy for you.

We give you the ability to combine continuous security assessments with manual penetration testing and automated vulnerability scanning and reporting. We also provide consulting services on best practice testing methodologies and remediation strategies, and more, so that you can:

  • Assess gaps in cybersecurity coverage—in the lab or in live production environments.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and their impact, so that you can prioritize risk mitigation efforts.
  • Remediate vulnerabilities according to criticality and business priorities.
  • Train SecOps teams continuously while optimizing your security measures and policies.

Net result: mitigate risks continuously and efficiently, while maximizing the effectiveness of your cybersecurity spending.

To understand more about continuous security validation, read our new white paper and get the details. You can download a copy here.

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