Ramping up security for working remotely

Cybersecurity Remote WorkforceAlmost every employee is working at home, starting immediately. Who saw that coming? Now IT departments, SecOps teams, and network service providers are scrambling to answer big questions:

  • Can the network handle the surge in volume?
  • Is the right security in place to protect both workers and corporate resources?
  • How can we test and validate it?

Spirent can help you answer these questions immediately—so you can mitigate risk. We can help you think through unexpected challenges that have emerged, and find innovative ways to respond.

For example, we can give you fast, accurate information about your security posture, so you know where you stand. You can see where the gaps are. You can prioritize remediation. And you can optimize both your innovation initiatives and your ongoing investments in cybersecurity.

If you don’t have staff available to do the testing and validation, we may be able to provide supplemental staff and do it for you. And ask us about our remote managed service options.

Because when you’re feeling in control of security, you have time to innovate. Yesterday I saw a video showing how someone had figured out a way to walk his dog by attaching the leash to a drone—so he could stay at home without inconveniencing his pet! We’re here to help you tap into those unexpected opportunities to innovate in the face of radical change.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the impact of today’s disruptions from an IoT perspective, and how innovation in endpoint protection can help drive new business opportunities while cutting risk.

Until then, contact your sales rep to learn about our new no-cost Spirent Security Health Check program, available exclusively to existing customers for a limited time.

Learn more about Spirent’s CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment solutions

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