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Celebrating 20 Years of Wi-Fi . The fast pace of Wi-Fi 6 adoption and the significant opportunities that 6 GHz will deliver were some of the hot topics discussed at the recent Wi-Fi World Congress International Expo & Conference held in London.. Wi-Fi industry players (over 300 industry professionals and 35 exhibitors), gathered at the latest Wi-Fi NOW event to celebrate 20 years of Wi-Fi and ...
Earlier this year when Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg addressed a packed Consumer Electronics Show audience to sing 5Gs praises, he touted more than just faster speeds.Increased mobility, the ability to connect more devices, energy efficiency, reliability and lower content latency were all highlighted, along with the promise that enterprises will benefit via custom services powered by new QoS feats.
U.S. companies experienced the highest average cost of a breach at $7.91 million. Irrespective of how you slice and dice the findings and full financial impact of a data breach on a company's bottom line, you will be compelled to deploy even more of the latest cyber security technology and solutions available from a plethora of best of bread vendors.
Jumpstarting connectivity innovation with limitless next-gen network testbeds. All eyes are on the 5G networks being turned up around the world.
Malicious attackers are not necessarily all experts in malware manipulation, PowerShell, or other tools trying to constantly come up with new and innovative ways of exploiting enterprise infrastructures.
The role of fronthaul in enabling 5G user experiences and the demands that will be made of it in 5G C-RAN environments. Read full post 0 Comments
The rollout of 5G presents network architects and product designers with many new challenges. One of them is ensuring the network meets stringent standards for time synchronisation; essential for delivering the high data transfer rates and ultra-low latency that are key features of 5G.
For IoT to reach its full potential, it will have to benefit consumers and make life more convenient on a worldwide scale. Seizing IoT opportunities requires fundamental changes, and central to this will be the switch from physical SIM cards to embedded SIM (ESIM) units.
Real-time communication is an absolute necessity in Automotive manufacturing. Goal is to equip one single network with TSN enabled components for time-critical data transmission in and between vehicles, and in all future industrial environments.
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