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High-Speed Ethernet

Responding Rapidly to the Fast-Changing Road Ahead


Speed and security requirements now go hand in hand. Can your tools and testbeds keep up?

The pace of tech advancement has officially reached breakneck speeds.

5G, IoT, SD-WAN, SASE and 800 Gigabit Ethernet are just a few of the technologies ushering in not just new possibilities, but new demands. Standards bodies are racing to keep up, as some markets require certain tech iterations be leapfrogged altogether.

This pace of change is also impacting security. Notable security threats with ever larger attack footprints are now a common occurrence. In 2020, it was the SolarWinds attack that impacted US government agencies and thousands of enterprises. This year it was a massive intrusion of Microsoft Exchange servers that hit at least 30,000 Microsoft customers.

Have you been able to keep up with the testing required to stay safe and meet customer demand?

In talking with our customers still using legacy solutions, we know some are finding it harder to stay current as new demands outpace yesterday’s test capabilities.

Gone are the days when test solutions can be kept current for years. Security and high-speed Ethernet are particularly impacted by rapid changes.

Ramp up security to reduce risk

Security threats have become so high-profile they are now household discussion topics. Network vulnerabilities present a high-risk, moving target requiring fast, proactive action. This means having a flexible security platform that can keep pace with the latest security validation and hacker methods.

A key question we’re discussing with customers is whether their networks are truly safe or if they’ve just been lucky so far? Do they have access to the latest security constructs, protocols, encryption technologies and techniques? Does their security test platform have the flexibility to respond to new threats as they occur?

Spirent’s powerful L4-7 assessment solutions test and validate the performance, scalability and security of modern, application-centric networking devices and solutions in physical, virtual and cloud environments. They can stress-test using applications that are updated continuously and use encrypted and non-encrypted traffic generation to test and enforce application policies like HTTP/3 to their limits.

Newer platforms are also easier to use, more accurate and more efficient. Now, real-time updates and tests for the latest threats are just a few mouse clicks—not days – away. And intelligence provides the insights needed to be proactive, always.

Keep up with high bandwidth advancements

Demand for higher speeds is here and proper testing is the single-best tool available to safely accelerate to higher speed Ethernet.

On this front, we’ve been working with customers to help them understand how current test solutions can validate today’s dynamic and intelligent networks for smoother deployments. We’re making sure they have capabilities in alignment with new and evolving Ethernet standards. Helping them evolve toward L2-7 performance testing and prepare for inevitable scalability needs.

The latest end-to-end, unified high-speed Ethernet test solutions deliver high performance and provide insights needed to truly understand dynamic systems. And most importantly, provide the confidence to rapidly launch next-gen products and services in line with market demand.

It’s time to move away from aged, legacy test platforms

The need to move from aged, legacy test platforms to modern solutions that power next-generation performance, security and application testing at scale has never been more evident.

And now is the perfect time to refresh test beds or get a head start on new test areas.

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With Spirent, you have one partner for performance and security assurance of L2-7 network infrastructure, using real-world traffic and attack scenarios—all from a trusted leader with more than 20 years of industry expertise and experience in testing, assurance, analytics and security.

We’re here to help.

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Mike Jack
Mike Jack

Sr. Manager Security Solutions Product Marketing

Michael Jack is senior manager of Product Marketing of Spirent Communications’ applications and security solutions portfolio. With 20 years of working in the data communications industry and over 15 years working for networking test and measurement organizations. At Spirent Communications Michael works with the Product Management team to define, produce and deliver cutting edge Applications and Security testing solutions for Network Equipment Manufactures, Enterprises, and Services Providers. Michael has presented at numerous industry events and has worked in Product Marketing and Management capacities at a diverse number of networking companies including Thomas-Conrad, UB Networks, Newbridge Networks, Compaq, and Antara.