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Reducing Network Testing Complexity


2019 - Reducing Network Testing Complexity

Blog discusses latest tools for reducing network testing complexity and accelerating product verification cycles through the better understanding dynamic behavior of systems under test.

Testing Efficiency


Analytics are everything when it comes to test data. However, what we do with the test data as opposed to what it can do for us directly affects “efficiency”, which is a priority for just about any organization.

In 2018, the cost of poor quality software in the US totaled approximately $2.84 trillion, as reported by CISQ (Consortium for IT Software Quality) in a comprehensive research study evaluating the cost of software on the US economy as a whole. Widely-known 2002 NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) and 2008 IBM studies also revealed that the cost of discovering defects after release is up to 30 times more expensive than during the design phase.

Enabling Engineers to Test Smarter


To help accelerate product verification cycles through the design, development and deployment phases, innovative solutions such as the recently launched Spirent TestCenter IQ platform are available to reduce testing complexity and improve user experience by providing valuable insights into the dynamic behavior of system under test. They enable engineers to test smarter through:

  • Actionable Analytics: User definable Health Indicator views provide real-time health monitoring and error isolation capability to quickly pinpoint errors, even in the most complex test configurations.

  • Simplified Troubleshooting: With correlated control plane and data plane events, users can answer questions faster in a single test run, where multiple runs are necessary with other tools.

  • Accelerated Development: Well-defined REST API and product-agnostic framework enables automation.

Spirent TestCenter IQ

Spirent TestCenter features the industry’s best set of tools to quickly isolate, analyze and resolve problems. TestCenter IQ’s sophisticated user interface framework is designed to improve the tester’s efficiency and effectiveness. The test environment can be customized to meet the unique needs of each tester—ultimately leading to higher quality products and services brought more quickly to market.

Learn how Spirent TestCenter IQ monitoring and analytics capabilities help visualize and better understand dynamic behavior of systems under test.

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Malathi Malla
Malathi Malla

Malathi Malla leads Cloud, Data Center and Virtualization segment for Spirent. Responsible for the Product Marketing, Technical Marketing, and Product Management, she drives go-to-market strategy across Cloud and IP solutions. She has over 14 years of hi-tech experience at both Silicon Valley start-ups and large companies including Citrix, IBM, Sterling Commerce (software division of AT&T), Comergent Technologies. Malathi also represents Spirent as Marketing prime through various open source communities like Open Networking Foundation and OpenDayLight. Join the conversation and connect with Malathi on LinkedIn or follow on her on Twitter at @malathimalla.