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Connected autonomous vehicles rely on a battery of sensors for position, navigation and timing. Our new blog series will look at four critical aspects of testing PNT capabilities in the lab.

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The biggest navigation conference of the year, The Institute of Navigation’s GNSS+, came to a close last week, September 8-12. Why the “+”? To recognise that Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), although an autonomous technology, is rarely enough to assure the performance, resilience or trust that is needed for the huge range of today’s position, navigation and timing applications.

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There’s no point in having a decent car, if you spend most of your time stuck in traffic.

The thought flashes through my mind as I drive through the streets of NYC, occasionally glimpsing snarling traffic blocking avenues and cross streets. The navigation app on my smartphone helps avoid all the major blocked points - using real time, crowd-sourced traffic data and location information from thousands of users, including the frustrated ones stuck in traffic. 

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